How it works

Handheld enables your audiences to quickly interact with your content like never before.


Just build your campaign on our platform and share the unique URL using your existing SMS or WhatsApp groups. From our side, it's 100% GDPR friendly - we don't collect or hold any personally identifiable data on our system.  

Simplify communications and enhance participation, with beautifully displayed cards, delivered straight to the smartphones of your community. Increase engagement, 
improve access, and promote digital inclusion.

Use our patented story-tech to amplify the impact of your story, and grab attention by transforming your message into a captivating interactive visual experience. 

Handheld is an inclusive and simple way of

telling your story and sharing your message

The product

Simple, powerful features 

Create your account

Easily create cards
and add to Campaign

Copy and paste unique  URL and share via WhatsApp or SMS.

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How best could my organisation use Handheld?

Handheld lends itself to many use cases across sectors. Our success stories range from housing associations and charities to non-profits and community groups. Here are just a few examples of how it can be used: 

Donation Channel: Boost donations by creating a giving campaign to tell your impact story. From your SMS to secure payment, it's a simple, quick new way for donors to give. 
Engage beneficiaries with digital resources and important information about your services. 

Tip: Create a giving campaign by using a 'Donate Now' Call-to-Action button. Safely distribute digital art packs, recipes, and other fun digital activities.  

Housing Associations
Engage residents who may be without a social media or email account.
Reach vulnerable members of your community, who may have no basic digital skills. Allow them to safely navigate the internet and engage with crucial official information, with no digital training at all.

Tip: Use for civic participation, welcome kits, bulletins, crucial messaging & support.

Community Groups
Bypass Social Media: address concerns about data privacy and keep your updates private and secure.
Streamline Communications Keep everything current and up to date by creating dynamic campaigns with static URLs, that can be easily adjusted at the click of a button.

Tip: Use CTA to drive membership sign-ups to your CRM form (speak to us about a Good CRM for the third sector)

How are we helping organisations to
build a movement with their message?

At Handheld we are proud to offer a transformative approach to community and donor engagement. Our platform includes a host of features:


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100% GDPR

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