Positive Action in Housing

A digital emergency relief response to help destitute asylum seekers 


At this time of global crisis, Positive Action in Housing saw an increased need for service users to be able to have direct access to critical advice and information. Here, we explore how the charity is using Handheld to effectively direct people to resources that can help them to rebuild their lives and become more autonomous from charitable support.

Humans of Glasgow Project

As an essential homelessness and human rights service, Positive Action in Housing is a charity at the forefront of helping refugees and migrants to rebuild their lives. During the pandemic due to isolation restrictions, the charity had to diversify its communication methods to ensure people could access critical support, especially those facing extra challenges due to language barriers and limited access to digital.


Positive Action in Housing used Handheld to create 'Human's of Glasgow', a Digital pack that connects people to a variety of resources including online referrals, a free food map, lawyers, interpreters, and a survival kit with tips for those being moved into new accommodation. 

Handheld helped to streamline the online referral process, with an increase of 150%. 

“Amy & the team at Handheld were fantastic and very patient. They tailored the platform to fit the needs of our service users who for many of them there is a language barrier. The software is very user-friendly, making it easy and accessible to even our most linguistically challenged clients. We aimed to make a resource that would be useful for clients and the general public in the hopes to gain their support, which was successful with positive national press shining a light on the project.”

Morgan Woods, Coordinator, Humans of Glasgow