Girls Club of Glasgow CIC

Building a digital framework to connect local households
with essential support and services during a pandemic. 

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On a mission to connect girls and young women to bright futures, the Girls Club has been able to expand its signposting service to benefit the wider community during the lockdown. Here we take a look at how it is connecting with local stakeholders and using Handheld to transform its own Community Connector service.

Emergency community response 

At the start of the lockdown Girls Club saw an urgent need to quickly connect residents with up to date emergency response information relating to COVID-19. Essential community services at the forefront of the crisis had to diversify their methods of reaching the households who most needed help so that they could support all residents, especially the most vulnerable. Glasgow Girls Club was able to adjust its Community Connector model to suit the needs of the entire community. 

Glasgow Girls Club paid attention to what the local community wanted and needed during the early stages of lockdown. Essential community services were available to everyone in need - but the challenge was to make sure that all community residents were aware of the help available. By using Handheld to digitise the newsletter of the Covid-19 emergency response group, the Girls Club can ensure that information, which would usually be circulated in a print format, stays accurate and current. The steering group can quickly update the information and share the digital resource with its beneficiaries and members using SMS. 

“This is a simple, quick way to keep households up to date with emergency response information relating to COVID-19 and the next steps of easing lockdown. I can't think of a more dynamic way to inform residents how local services and supports are adapting during these times. It will also be a really important contribution to allowing me to interact more closely with the communities I serve across Maryhill and Springburn. ”

Bob Doris, MSP, North of Glasgow 

A framework to connect

Beyond COVID-19, the Girls Club is continuing to innovate around how they can best use technology to support recovery. They are working in partnership with various community organisations and elected officials in the North of Glasgow to best understand the needs and requirements of the residents and households in the area. By building a database of services and resources available, they aim to be able to provide a useful framework and portal for beneficiaries, to be able to quickly access the support and help they need.