Blochairn Housing Association

Engaging with residents more frequently during Covid-19

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In response to Covid-19, Blochairn Housing Association have digitised their monthly Newsletter and have seen an increase in civic participation in return.

Blochairn Housing Association

"The Covid-19 pandemic presented a huge challenge to Housing Associations. During the lockdown our priority was to ensure that every household was well informed and aware of the support available in the Royston community.

Regular messages were posted on our website and Facebook pages, although not everyone uses social media or may have limited data. Delivering hard copy letters and newsletters raised questions about social distancing and PPE.


Handheld will transform the way we engage with residents. The system is simple to use, it’s quick and the results are excellent. In trials, we were able to successfully engage 96% of residents. This is a dynamic digital engagement tool we think our residents will love.”

Michael Carberry, Director, Blochairn Housing 

Short, friendly, bulletin style of communicating

We looked for other ways to communicate with our residents other than through traditional methods. Digital versions of our letters and newsletters were devised and communicated by text messages to mobile phones. This worked well and we were able to see that the message had been received and read by residents. 

This short, friendly, bulletin style of communicating will now be used regularly to keep residents informed during the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’ and beyond. We will provide information on matters of interest to Blochairn residents about the Association and about the wider Royston community."