Who we are

We are cultivating a new holistic ecosystem for organisations to reach new audiences, and inspire action by telling their story in a brand new way.

We are story-tellers and communicators.
We are charity founders, directors and mentors.
We are builders of technology, communities and connection.
We are using all we have learned to help our communities thrive.

We know first-hand how hard 'social good' organisations work to build up and keep supporters. And we also know how difficult it is for them to get their important message out to the right person at the right time, in a market that is becoming ever more noisy and competitive. 

We realised that social good organisations needed to find new creative ways to amplify their stories and reach new audiences.  So… we built a social good, story-tech platform, to facilitate quick, simple, effective communication between stakeholders. 


The software is simplicity itself, accessible to anyone with a smartphone. 

Our tech is a new “social good ad platform”, that helps to amplify the power of brands and organisations, to drive growth and positive change in the world. A brand new, completely independent channel, that focuses the incredible power and ROI of advertising, on those organisations and communities that need it most.


Our mission is to be a vehicle to connect third and public sector to the support, exposure, and fundraising opportunities that they deserve. And a portion of the profits from any of our commercial business subscribers go directly, to give non-profits the opportunity to use our service at a discounted rate. Businesses who use our platform can also give free or discounted ad space to a social good organisation.

So that means every time a business buys from us, a For-Good gets more exposure, and we can give more back to our communities. 

In today’s shifting economic landscape we look to re-frame the role of the traditional software company. By building our social good business model around supporting the causes we are all passionate about, we hope to enable you to drive positive change.  We have the technology and we can’t wait for you to unlock great success with it!

If you’re an organisation doing good or business who wishes to do good - we want to help.

Together we can create a better world.


Most warmly yours,

Amy. Sam. Lisa. Joanne. Brian

Amy is the founder of the Glasgow Girls Club, a non-profit that is driven to connect girls to opportunities and bright futures. As former chair for Shawlands Business Association, Amy also has a keen passion for high street regeneration and placemaking. 

Sam has a background in business, writing, and recruitment. She brings knowledge of working with people and a passion for equality to the team, alongside her analytical eye.


Joanne is a founding member of Business Beats Cancer and was a mentor for Pilot Light. Joanne has been a board member for Women of Influence and currently sits on the board of Homes for Scotland.

Lisa spent several years as events manager at Action for Children Scotland and was instrumental in setting up 100 People Doing Good, and is a partner at HER Planet Earth. Lisa loves connecting people, building brands, and great design.

Brian has started four charities or charity fundraising ventures and been a charity director and mentor for over thirty years.